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Return Policy

Incorrectly ordered goods: Fastrack Toners is happy to replace incorrectly ordered goods, just simply contact us and we will provide the Return Authorisation. Following conditions are applied on the return of Incorrectly ordered goods.

1.    Incorrectly ordered goods must be returned in original packaging which is still intact. Fastrack Toners cannot accept any incorrectly ordered goods which have been opened or if the packaging is damaged or defaced in any way. Before opening the package please check that goods are suitable for the purpose they were purchased for. (For example, check the package of a cartridge to make sure the cartridge fits in your printer.) If you are not at all sure feel free to contact us as sometimes certain cartridges are compatible with several different brands of printers.

2.    When returning incorrectly ordered goods please pack them in another box so that the original packaging will not be damaged by stickers, courier handling etc.

3.    It is customer’s responsibility to pay the return of the goods. Goods that are shipped freight on or receiver to pay will be rejected at goods inwards in our warehouse, leaving the courier responsible.

4.    Return Authorisations are only valid for 14 days from its date of issue.

5.    All incorrectly ordered goods returned to Fastrack Toners in the same condition as sold will not incur any fees.

6.    Upon returning incorrectly ordered goods, a new order is necessary to be placed by the customer and adjustment for the returned goods will be credited against new order price.

7.    The price of the re-ordered product needs to be higher or equal to the first ordered product. No refund for the balance unless specifically agreed.

8.    Unopened goods can only be returned within 30 days from date of purchase. If they have not been purchased within this period, then we cannot accept them back.

9.    Customer will need to include the copy of proof of purchase and filled return authorisation form along with the product.


Faulty goods: We will replace faulty goods, just simply contact us and we will provide the Return Authorisation. Following conditions are applied on the return of faulty goods:

1.    Please contact us first to ensure and confirm that the product is faulty, as we may need information from the manufacturer confirming the fault.

2.    As a rule we do not give credits for returns where the goods are over 1 months old from the invoice date. This is due to manufacturer’s restraints, not our wishes. Exceptions are made and are up to 2 months on invoice date of specific products.

3.    If the product has been refilled or tampered with in any way, then there will not be any replacement.

4.    All cartridges must be sealed and secured to ensure they do not leak or get lost in transit.

5.    It is customer’s responsibility to pay the freight charges (unless otherwise agreed). Goods will be replaced once the faulty goods are received by us.

6.    If the items returned are found to be in fact functional and not faulty as reported, the items will be returned to the customer and additional postage will be charged for the shipment. A brief document will be sent indicating the results of our tests and instruction on how to correctly install or use the items. 

7.    Return Authorisations are only valid for 14 days.

Refund Policy 

We always back our products; if any of our products deemed to be faulty we will either replace them or will offer full refund. If you are dissatisfied with the results of any of our compatible/remanufactured cartridge, please return the cartridge within 14 days of purchase together with receipt of purchase to us and we will either credit the full amount against a new cartridge or provide a full refund in exchange for the faulty cartridge. However delivery charges will not be refunded and cartridges must not be more than 25% empty. If the products ordered are out of stock we will try to deliver it to you in five working days. If we are unable to do so we will refund the amount that you have paid.


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